About Us

About Us

It is amazing how small dreams sometimes can weave big realities — like small dewdrops grouping together to form a river. It is these little dreams originating from few young minds which have been interlaced to create the grander reality of “Oasis Inventor”.

A juvenile mind and self belief was all that this company had when it started as a freelance initiative. However, some successful projects, few trusting gestures and uncompromising quality turned this modest beginning into the making of something more opulent, something which reflected the grandeur of the aspirations not the modesty of the beginning, something which still retains the early promise, that of creating magic with words over and over again, something which we now call Oasis Inventor IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The “Oasis Inventor” story is of being a comprehensive & innovative partner of client-centric business sectors, introducing a new intuition for spurring inclusive growth & advancement in INDIA.


We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the premier IT service providers who are always committed to offer the high quality, time bounding, cutting-edge, well customized & best-possible services towards the clients at cost-effective rates.

Driven by a centralized business model, we are ensuring client proximity, better & perfect understanding of client’s requirements and based on those creating meaningful employment opportunities to deliver quality & excellent output towards our clients in establishing a technology driven, 4profit making social industrial sector.

Our clientele encompasses small, medium scale business firms to large corporate, spreading across US & European markets. We have successfully delivered best solutions towards diverse industry verticals including Advertising, Financial sectors, Education, Healthcare, IT, Real Estate, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation etc. to name a few.

3Our services effectively complemented with high-tech expertise, intelligence & professionalism to assist our clients not only in improving the quality of output in pleasing them best but also in reducing operational costs and more importantly focusing on the aspect of stimulating our core competence.